Drainage is our Business

Specialising in the repair, maintenance and installation of surface water drainage & sewage systems.



24/7 365 days a year

Covering all aspects of drainage, plumbing and sewerage work.




Graffiti Removal

Our high pressure jet systems arent just for drains.




Commercial Work Undertaken

Our range of vehicles can cope with any job.




Environmentally Friendly

One of our vehilces is fitted with the same equipment as three of our competitiors vans.




Years of front line experience have helped RHG to develop and refine the efficiency and effectiveness of our service. Our in-house design team have developed an efficient, high pressure water jetting machine with a lighter, more versatile CCTV system able to provide a greener, flexible and faster response to meet client requirements on the most demanding jobs.

The reduction in size and weight of equipment allows RHG to equip ONE SPECIALIST FRONT LINE SERVICE VEHICLE where our competitors use THREE!

Downsizing equipment to fit into our SPECIALIST SERVICE VEHICLES reduces our carbon emissions, manpower and costs. We call this The RHG Winning Edge!